Perfect hammam experience in a luxurious, 5 star hotel.

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If you like to pamper your soul and your body, you should try turkish hammam and turkish bath.

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I was in Turkey first time in 2000 and returned in 2007 and falled in love with the kindness of the people, the food and their unique apprioach to luxury.I have travelled all around the globe, in more than 40 countries now and Turkey always kept a special place in my heart.

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I write this blog post without being sponsored of anything or anybody related to Turkey, I write it as I feel that I’ve never trully expressed how wonderful Turkey made me feel on this planet. Why do I say that? In Antalya, Turkey’s ultimate beach paradise I trully felt the meaning of the 5 star luxury how so many places and hotels try to be and reach but they are so snobish that they never can trully satisfy a 5 star feeling traveller.

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Yes, you can be a real traveller and also a 5 star addict. What does this mean? It means that you search for the standard of a 5 star travel or hotel and also for a genuine feeling of warmth, heart and professionalism. So far this what Antalya’s 5 star hotels mean to me.

Turkish people smile to you, make you feel good in your skin and also they are always there to help. On my trip to Antalya I was helped with information from a pilot and met a cool chef officer on the plane.They were original and genuine and that is my world. I prefer genuine people.

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Shame or not I tried turkish hammam very late…Please don’t laugh of me. But important that I tried and OMG: was fantastic. Turkey has a long history of bath culture and hammam and what we westerners call: SPA…:)

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So here is what they did with me: I was sent to sauna 5 minutes and my masseur came to pick me up from there. He had a cotton cloths around his hips, I was in swimming suit.I was accompanied to the turkish bath.In the center of the bath there is a huge marble table, where my hammam master layed a cotton cloth and I layed down on that. He took warm water from a fountain near the wall and washed me with that gently. The whole procedure was so perfect, he took so good care of me that I have no words to explain. And believe me I am very picky and do not like people to touch me unless you are a marvellous masseur or a good cosmetician. This guy was fenomenal.


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After I was cleaned properly with warm water I was scrubbed with special scrubbing gloves, one use, after which I was gently soaped with a special tehnique, not even in one million year I could figure out how they made that huge foam ammount, without even touching my body and I suddenly woke up totally covered by a light, fantastic smelling foam cloud. Well: I was massaged with that cloud….

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After all this cleansing and pampering the good part was just about to begin.I was accompanied again to a special relaxation room, where nice music was playing in the background, I was asked to lay down and relax, covered by a warm towel and after I was served with a glass of mineral water.

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Good 10 minutes passed and when I felt ready and relaxed came the wonderful, 30 minutes body massage, which took out all the tension and stress from my body. At the end I received a chocolate facial mask, to reach the total, holistic and ultimate reborn and renewal of my senses and soul.After this luxurious pampering session I went back to this beautiful room to relax…

Perfect hammam experience in a luxurious, 5 star hotel.


If only one product to take for travel, would be the fantastic argan oil

When I intend to buy argan oil, I always look for a product that has only one ingredient: 100% Argan Oil (Argania Spinosa) Kernel Oil. No preservatives, no fragrances, no parrafinum, not even water. Just pure, organic Argan Oil.

Research have shown that when you combine argan oil with other ingredients you actually degrade the effects of Argan oil.

Usually sellers offer two types of argan oil to choose from : the light one and the pure one. Choose LIGHT if you have not used Argan Oil before and are not used to its distinctive nutty smell. I love argan oil pure, natural scent but of course this is totally about taste.

My favourite argan oil comes in a pump bottle, which contains this liquid gold and the product is USDA and Cosmos Organic certified. But I have argan oil in glass bottles with pipette as well. But the first option is better for my travels as it is handier to use for my face, body, hair and nails. What other product has this abilities?

I love pump bottled skincare products as you cannot contaminate the cream or oil inside and it is airtight, so will assure you that you keep the product freshest as possible.

And on the top of all these: the bottle is huge so it lasts for a long long time.It is real value for money.

I love argan oil and I use it on my face, waking up with that glow on my skin, I use it on my hair and my hands.The best results I had on my fizzy hair, which became shiny and healthy looking after regular use of argan oil.

Certified organic argan oil is very high quality and mostly now, with all these baggage limitations, it is good to have a multipurpose product with us, which takes just a small place in our hand luggage.

Do you use argan oil?

What does 5 star feeling mean while travel?

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What does 5 star feeling means while travel?

Since I know myself I adored luxury travel and 5 star hotels. Even as a child I loved to dress up and go for a dinner with live music while on holidays with my parents at the sea. I remember how I went alone to the dance floor, about 4 years old, and was dancing with joy in my new dress.I think then started my ever lasting love for this lifestyle…

Many people think is a hint of snobism in it…Is it? I think it is more a blueprint of the lifestyle you have in your brain or you wish to live. My travels and experiences are about me and I just wish to have started in that moment when I started my travel journey and before I reached the 50. country. But I started writing now and it is alright.

So what does this luxury feeling mean to me? First it is about the care: while in a 5 star hotel I feel at home as I feel taken care of. I sleep better and eat better. Always.
Then is about the details: everything is going how it should: perfect! Well, most of the times…I love every little detail and attention about a 5 star service. Private buttler, non-stop room service, pillow menu… An espresso prepared to perfection, hot and with organic milk and honey aside and sometimes a good champagne or premium prosecco to start with and a beautiful wine to accompany my meals.

I have very high expectations for 2017: travelling fullfills me, makes me dreaming and gives me the feeling that everything is possible.

5 star feeling is not only in your environment, there is also in your thoughts and heart when you wake up in the morning.That you feel strong and worthy…That all these happens on a designer pillow in a room with a wiew to the ocean? Even better! 😀

My 5 star Budapest

You trully can find luxury in Budapest and you can find it like nowhere else. The footprint of the austrian-hungarian monarchy is still there, if you know what you are searching for and where.

My Budapest is world famous for its beautiful coffe shops, fantastic cakes, breathtaking panoramas, UNESCO world heritage buildings and my favourite thermal baths. Budapest is my all time love and and will be while I live.

If you are in a search for a 5 star hotel, Budapest has a few, like Hilton ( one in the castle area and one in Westend shopping center ), Kempinski, Sofitel, Marriott, Intercontinental, The luxurious Four Seasons Gresham Palace or the new Ritz-Carlton right on Deák Square.

My favourite ones are just a few of them : I love Sofitel the most, for its fantastic and comfortable rooms, delicious breakfasts ( hope they still have their tasty salmon in the mornings); Marriott I like for its beautiful Danube panorama and gourmet lunches in the Red Peppers restaurant, Corinthya I adore for its grandious colonial hallway and staircase like in Gone by the Wind film and finally, but not at last, I adore Hilton from the Castle area for its romantic atmosphere and elegant restaurant.

I love brunches and however Shanghai is my favourite city for a somptuous brunch, Budapest still have silent and peaceful brunches to offer and the most visited one by me and my family is the Hilton brunch in the castle, for its unforgetable panorama.

When it comes to coffee shops I spend most of my coffee time in Book Cafe, situated in Alexandra book plaza, Andrássy út and in the famous Gerbaud on Vörösmarty tér.

When you get tired of all culture and eating what Budapest offers, what about having a nice glass of Pezsgõ, the hungarian version for bubbling. Walk fro, Váci street, the main shopping street in Budapest towards the Danube, where you will finf hotel Marriot and in their lobby you can have a rest with their desert buffet: summertime with Sparkling wine, wintertime with a grog and enjoy your day. Every time I am in Budapest I visit them and spend some good hours there, listening to the piano and savurating the Danube panorama.

As I like to combine my travels with my search for beauty tips and treatments, I always go to a good massage, spa and search for local natural or organic beauty products.
Several years I have been visiting Szécsenyi bath and Lukács, but lately these two are two crowded for me and I was in a search for a new hidden gem and I found Király Gyógyfürdō, which is he oldest bath in Budapest.

While I was relaxing in this beautiful city during the years, I was always using my organic skincare products brought over from UK or bought from US, this time I found a fantastic little, new natural manufacture- called PHi- visited them to see how they create their lotions and potions and test their products.
I was trully impressed . I dedicated a whole post to some of their products, I loved them so much.

As on all my travels I make my research for hidden skincare gems, this time I did the same and I found some really good products from little hungarian companies, like Jármy Manufacture, which makes trully charming and high quality goat milk soaps or Schüssler Cosmetics*, which uses the benefit of the famous Schüssler salts and they ship abroad as well.I love the texture of their premium creams: sinks in easily and moiturises so much my sensitiv skin.They have a brand new, fresh English website as well if you fancy having a look.Find them here:

For me the biggest suprise were two new natural skincare brands from Hungary: Phi Kozmetikum* and Magister Products*.

This eye treatment (Pazar Cafe Ébresztõ Szemkörnyékápoló)* from Phi was my favourite, itself has a lightweight formula, which allows an easy application and it is perfect for my dehydrated- aging eye skin area, which is always puffy and ideal also for daily use.
It doesn’t feel oily or sticky on my skin and I don’t have any burning sensation or allergic reaction by using this cream. It smells of course coffee, which is divine in the mornings.

Magister products are PPG, PEG, paraben and SLS free and they are created by a fenomenal young lady farmacist with love and without artificial coloring or perfume.I have tried few products from them and they are very efficient and high quality. Soon this brand will come out with some premium lotions and potions, which you will find on their webpage here:

*Thank you for the lovely, complimentary skincare samples.The above post does NOT contain affiliate links.

My life changing luxury London trip


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I was invited to London to attend the Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar last weekend. I prepared myself for this trip, as I knew that will be fantastic, but never would had imagined that literally will change my life for good.

The seminar itself was kept in a fancy area of London: not too busy, perfect for my stay. We were kindly asked not to share inner informations from the seminar, but if you heard about T. Harv Eker and his hit #1 Best Seller on the NY Times Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, you know what I am talking about.

T.Harv Eker is an author, businessman and motivational speaker, known for his theories on wealth and motivation and his intensive seminar in London was about mastering the inner game of wealth.

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Before I attended this marvellous seminar I visited the luxurious natural british brand Aurelia Probiotic Skincare‘s pop-up boutique on Piccadilly street and pampered myself with their new products and botanical essences.

Aurelia came out with two fenomenal botanical mists:
-calming botanical essence: linden blossom, chamomille, camelia, lavender- literally I felt in south of France, in a 5 star hotel inhaling this…
-brightening botanical essence: gerenium, cedarwood,fennel and magnolia

The mists you can spray on your skin, wherever you want to put, you can use them as a perfume as well. You can creat a mist and just savurate a welbeing session.I have to confess that these mists are the most wonderful and round scents I have ever tried.

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All this zen and welbeing and mind lightening seminar I had to rest it somewhere, am I right? Yes and I found the perfect place for it, where I had just me and my Love a whole big appartment to share with each other and our thoughts…hehehe

While on holiday or an a business trip and looking for a hotel or a holiday rental, first you enter in connection with reception or customer service, management company. This is the same important to me like the room or rental itself.

City Relay managed my booking in London during my last business trip and I found the communication with them easy, on the topic and they were very polite all the time. Answers to my e-mails were prompt and fast. All the information needed was provided in time, so was ultra easy to find the apartment and check-in.


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When I enter in a holiday rental or in a house, the first thing I feel is the energy of the space: if I feel good, comfortable, like at home or the first impression is the opposite.

In FG Property London Victorian Ongar Road House I felt fantastic from the very first moment I entered. I loved the fluffy, white towels, felt so soft on my skin after shower.The whole apartment is very welcoming, warm and super clean.

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This charming, typical London flat is located a few minutes’ walk from Earls Court tube Station and nearby you have restaurants and bars, food shops, bakeries, caterers, everything you are used to at home.

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The apartment had 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, the first one is an ensuite one with a tube, the second one with a big, spacious shower. There are complimentary toiletries, which really gives you the hotel feeling.

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The kitchen comes in opened plan style with a dinig and resting area, having a dining table and a comfy sofa, where you can rest after your meals or watch TV. The kitchen appliances are very high quality and we had a very silent dish washer as well, which personally for me is very important as I am not very good in doing the dishes.

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I liked that the kitchen is equipped with available appliances (oven, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, kettle and dishes) and near the kitchen you have a washing machine as well.

The flat also benefits from access to a private terrace, it is such a nice feeling to have dinner outside with a nice bottle of wine and chatting about the day and experiences you had in London.

Well, guess what? I would love to be a guest next time here for a longer term.Yes, I really felt a Londoner in this flat and all in all we had a marvellous stay.
Thank you  FG Properties London.

Here is their website:

*Thank you FG Properties London and City Relay for the complimentary 2 nights stay in your apartment.I am glad to express my gratitude and my feelings about this stay.

*Thank you Aurelia Probiotic Skincare for my pampering session and complimentary goody bag.

-This post does NOT contain any affiliate links.










What do I pack for my London Kensington trip?

I always take with me to a short journey my favourite products. However I always visit natural skincare brands on my destination, I have some of my own with me.

What do I take this time?

First of all I take my Curaprox toothbrush and I use it with Green People UK 100% natural Minty Cool toothpaste.The toothpaste is not a foamy one, but does its job perfectly.

Then I take my Dr.Bronner’s lavander mini soap: I just really need to use few drops, as it is very consistent and makes a nice foam without stripping my skin.

Inika natural liquid foundation is my all time favourite, I have it in the shade of Honey and Cream and I have also in miniature version, which you can buy on their site for 1 GBP.

Antipodes is a fantastic natural skincare brand from New Zeeland, I have been using many of their products, this time I take with me their manuka honey face mask, which has a very good effects on my oily skin, but I cannot say it is my favourite product from them.

What else? Many else…hehehe…but I need to mention Zoya, which has simply fabulous shades and stays on my nails for a really long time.

I have a really long list of things taking with me, ask me if you are curious or not sure of any of them.

Thank you for reading.:)🎈

Did you know how good Gotu Kola is for your skin?

img_1321Did you know that Gotu Kola is used in skincare products to treat wounds and research shows that gotu kola alleviates iching and redness and as such is very helpful treating psoriasis ? Scientists experimenting with applying gotu kola to prevent scars and preventing or reducing stretch marks.

Gotu kola was used for thousands of years in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Is considered a skin healer, rich in triterpenoids, these organic compounds have been shown in studies to have an antioxidant boosting property, stimulate new cell grow and also increase blood circulation on certain areas. Some experts say gotu cola might be the new hit in the big run of preventing skin aging.

It is listed among the” miracle elixirs of life”, the Indian Journal of Medicine calls gotu kola a “potential herbal cure – all”.

Scientifically this herb is known as Centella Asiatica. It has anti bacterial, anti viral and anti inflamattory properties. Therefore was used during centuries to treat skin burns or dermatitis.

Also was considered to act on skin as a toner, tightening it if applied topically.As this herb can promote the collagen production in the skin, it helps in improving the condition of the skin, wrinkles or fine lines.
Gotu kola has been shown to enhance production of mucin and hyaluronic acid,increase the strenght of the dermis and help healing the epidermis if wounded.

As a wonderplant, several studies showed, this member of the parsley family is well- known scar remedy. If applies to wounds and even acne eruption can reduce scaring.

As I mentioned before, it helps to increase blood flow to wounds and improve skin elasticity.

Celebrating The Coffee with a luxurious coffee eye cream and moisturiser review from Phi Kozmetikum, directly from Budapest, Hungary


Coffee eye cream from Phi Kozmetikum(Pazar Cafe Ébresztõ Szemkörnyékápoló)*

PHI Kozmetikum is a new brand for me, have never tried any skincare products from them, so I was very curious to test them out.I am reviewing their anti-aging eye cream and moisturiser with coffee.

I have been using only organic, natural, or certified organic-natural products for a while now, so first thing what I did was to check the ingredients for this eye cream and just after that I decided to give it a go. I like that the company shares with us the INCI, the full ingredient list.

This eye treatment (Pazar Cafe Ébresztõ Szemkörnyékápoló)* itself has a lightweight formula, which allows an easy application and it is perfect for my dehydrated- aging eye skin area, which is always puffy and ideal also for daily use.

It doesn’t feel oily or sticky on my skin and I don’t have any burning sensation or allergic reaction by using this cream. It smells of course coffee, which is divine in the mornings.

Contains coffee arabica seed oil and a powerful blend of antioxidants such as grape seed oil, shea butter, rice bran oil, vittamin C and shea butter, which together with the acmella flower exctract provides superior hydration for soft and youthful-looking skin. Acmella Oleracea extract is considered a natural alternative to Botox.

The cream itself comes in pump bottle, me personally prefer creams in an airtight pump dispenser or at least in a pump dispenser, which allows to pump just the right amount I need, without contact with the cream itself. I would like more and more beauty companies to use pump bottles for increased hygiene.

Nice consistency, as it is a natural cream you have to put just a tiny amount, otherwise it will be oily and heavy. It absorbs really well into skin. I use this cream as a morning and evening treatment and it is perfect under make- up as well. It softens the appearance of wrinkles and gives my eyes a healthy, fresh look.

This eye treatment definitely improved my cow bags and performed impressively on my fine lines and wrinkles, which cause me so many problems. I have tried hundreds of eye-creams during the years and only two of them impressed me: Madara eye cream and this one from Phi Kozmetikum. Maybe there is a well-kept secret in this part of the world they make so good quality eye ceams.
Looking forward to use this for years, to see the final results.

Even if you use natural products without irritants, I still always recommend that to Patch Test products before you introduce them into your daily beauty regime.
Patch Testing ensures your new product suits your sensitive skin, and means that were you to develop a reaction you would be able to pinpoint it to one product in particular.
To patch test a product, apply a small amount to the inner arm and leave for 24hrs, observing for any reactions.
If none occur, repeat this process on the neck, applying a small amount and leaving for 24hrs, again observing for any reactions.
If the area of skin looks healthy and feels great then you’re good to go!


Phi Kozmetikum luxurious coffee face moisturizer ( Pazar Creamcafe Arcápoló)*

This is a very good quality, very light everyday face moisturiser for my ultra dry skin, pampering my thirsty skin perfectly.

The very first thing I liked in this lotion was the texture is easy to work with on my daily skincare routine. It is not greasy and not thick either and absorbs nicely and leaves my skin feeling soft quickly after application.

Phi Kozmetikum luxurious coffee face moisturizer ( Pazar Creamcafe Arcápoló) comes in a small glass jar of 30 ml, it is very easy to pop into your handbag and take it with you.

The main ingredients are: coffee seed exctract, oryza sativa bran oil, macadamia seed oil and shea butter, making the product to be trully nourishing and moisturising.

It is not easy to find a good, hydrating face cream on the natural skincare market, but I am very satisfied with this one.I have thirsty oily skin on my face and this coffee lotion not only moisturises my skin perfectly but also leaves it with a radiant glow.

Phi Kozmetikum products are made of 100% natural ingredients, they are cruelty free, made in Hungary, Europe and they don’t contain PEG, SLS, synthetic perfumes or colours. It is wonderful that they are GMO and paraben free as well.

You can find their products at the end of my review, unfortunately their website is only in hungarian, but knowing their fantastic customer service, I m very optimistic you will be able to order in English soon.

*samples kindly provided to test and write about my experiences. This post does NOT contain affiliates links.